There Are Many Things You Should Know Before You Travel

We do our best to keep you up to date on all travel related details. Below you’ll find helpful resources. We look forward to helping you with your travel planning process and getting to and from destination safely.

Visit Center for Disease Control & Prevention Website

U.S.A. Travel Advisories Website

U.S.A. Travel Advisories Website

Be prepared for your intended destination. Review the status at destination before you consider selecting a destination. Today’s environment comes with fluid changes, but you should be aware of what is happening.
U.S. Passport Website

U.S. Passport Website

Is your passport up to date with more than 6 months from expiration date? If not, you’ll need a new passport before considering to travel internationally. Visit the website below to understand current processing times and options available. We don’t recommend securing an international reservation until you’ve received your passport.
Passport Index Website

Passport Index Website

Are you visiting a destination that requires a Visa? Are you not sure? You can visit the website below and confirm the requirements in preparation for your travel plans.

Want A Smoother Traveling Experience?

TSA Website

Are you seeking an expedited security screening which connects you with smarter security, expedited clearance and a better air travel experience? If so, review the TSA PreCheck website below to learn more information.

CLEAR Website

Are you seeking an expedited domestic travel experience that transforms your eyes and face into a touchless ID, allowing you to quickly and securely confirm your identity – unlocking frictionless experiences across the physical and digital world. If so, review the CLEAR website below to learn more information.

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